Grenada 71% Organic Chocolate 85g

71% Organic Chocolate: strong, bitter-sweet chocolate brownie flavour with extra fruity cocoa notes. The best-selling Grenada bar.

£7.15 inc. VAT
Grenada 100% Organic Chocolate Bar 85g

100% organic cocoa: Pure Grenada cocoa flavour, savoury and delicious, light acidic purple fruit notes, only gentle bitterness with hints of nuts and fermenting fruit. Has a lingering nutty aftertaste.

£7.15 inc. VAT
Grenada 60% Organic Chocolate with Roasted Cocoa Nibs 85g

Slightly sweet and rich, this bar has an intense and complex chocolate brownie flavour. The nibs add a delightful crunch.

£7.15 inc. VAT
Grenada 82% Organic Chocolate 85g

82% Organic Chocolate: Strong, slightly bitter cocoa flavour with very intense fruity notes. The Manzanilla sherry of the chocolate world: bone dry but delicious!

£7.15 inc. VAT
Pure Organic Grenada Cocoa Powder 170g

Rare, small batch cocoa powder. Retains all the flavour of Grenada organic cocoa thanks to the high percentage of cocoa butter in the powder.