About Chantal

Hello, I am Chantal Coady,
chocolate IS my life…

My new incarnation is “the Chocolate Detective”, I like to ask lots of awkward questions about choc for example “how can chocolate be slave free?” “how can we all help and support cocoa farmers and small chocolate makers?” “what is the true price of chocolate?” “what does fair trade really mean?” I think you get the message…

I want to bring you chocolate that is 100% transparent about origin and which supports the people at the start of the value chain. I have invested in a small cocoa farm in Grenada which donates all the beans to the Grenada Chocolate Co, and they make wonderful farm to bar chocolate. This is a truly exceptional business and I am totally committed to supporting them through these exceptionally challenging pandemic times.

I love to recycle, reuse and have pared down packaging to the very bare essentials. When you place an order for chocolate here you may find a beautiful tissue wrapped bundle of chocolate bars nestled in newspaper in a brown cardboard box, sealed with paper tape. Everything I am making and selling is 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

What do I do when I am not making chocolate?
I love riding my bicycle, gardening, meditating with my cat and hanging out with my family over delicious home cooked meals.

In 2019 Chantal Coady OBE – sustainable chocolate expert, founder of Rococo Chocolates and long-term friend of Fortnum’s – shared the exceptional work of The Grenada Chocolate Company, based on the Caribbean island of Grenada, with us. The company is a small co-operative of Organic cocoa farmers who work with the ‘Farm to Bar’ model to create delicious chocolate that supports their local economy and ensures well-paid jobs for local farmers.”


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