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Ukraine Stork Eggs – Fundraiser

Our hearts sink every day when we hear the news…

We feel powerless to help in the face of such atrocities. There is a very small way in which we can raise some funds to through our chocolates. We hand coloured blue and yellow eggs and packed them into our box with the Ukrainian stock designed by our bird illustration specialist Madeleine Floyd:

“The national bird of the Ukraine is the White Stork… a bird that is usually associated with the arrival and joy of new life.  It is seen as a symbol of family, loyalty and patriotism.  The national flower of the Ukraine is the sunflower which represents warmth and the power of the sun.

War uproots all of this.  We choose peace.”

All profits will be donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (British Red Cross).


Madeleine Floyd 

We have donated 100% of the chocolate, the packaging and labour to put them together, thank you so much to Ruth Morgan for her help on this, Madeleine for the images and to our local printer Danny at Mailboxes who did the work for cost price and turned the job around super quickly.

From the ticket price of £12.75 a min of £10 goes to the DEC Ukraine Emergeny Fund (around £2 to HMRC for VAT which is what we have to do!). 

So please help us by buying some eggs and we will donate to

Ukraine Stork Eggs available from the 8th of April.

also available from

In March I had a conversation with Dan Baker, an English national married to Victoria (Ukranian) they had been living in Kyiv for five years with their daughter Veronica & cat Pumpkin – he is now back in Brighton sofa surfing while raising funds for direct causes. If anyone wants to get involved at a grass roots level please connect directly with @danbakerukraine via instagram or youtube or if you are able to help with accommodation in the Brighton area.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine Stork Eggs – Fundraiser

  1. Disappointing that thenStork Eggs for Ukraine are no longer available. Coming back soon?

    1. We completely sold out of stock within days, but you can still try getting them from The Different Kind while they last there!

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